Agricola Virgen de Suyapa.

Scholarship Recipients

Jose Daniel, Margury, Cinthia, and Ovidio

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South Park High School Teachers Donate Money to CAFE Scholarship Program

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2014 New Students!

2012’s Newest Students!


Christian Ubence 2012 Scholarship Recipient
Christian Ubence was born on February 14, 1998, in the community of Las Crucitas, El Merendón. He attended the “Luis García Bustamante Elementary School” where he graduated from 6th Grade on 2010. Christian Ubence lives in the community de Las Cruces, with his parents and his sister; Marlin. In his free time he works in his family vegetable garden. His dream is to become an engineer.



On his application he wrote;

“I always wish to have a scholarship because school is my life I would like to be a professional to get ahead in life.”





Evelin Johana 2012 Scholarship Recipient
Evelin Johana was born February 21st, 2000, in the community of Las Cruces, El Merendón. She graduated from 6th grade in 2011 from the Elementary School “Marco Aurelio Soto”. Evelin Johana lives in the community of San Antonio del Peru, with her parents and her 2 sisters. In her free time she helps with chores around the house and plays with her sisters. She dreams on becoming a teacher.





On her application she wrote;

“This scholarship will help me to have a better future in order to help my parents and to make them proud of me.”

CAFE Scholarship Program Increases to Six Students for the 2012 Academic Year

CAFE welcomes aboard their Scholarship Program two new students: Evelin Johana and Cristhian Ubense. The students will start their 7th grade classes on Monday 30th 2012, at the “Escuela Agricola Virgen de Suyapa” in the community of El Perú, El Merendón, Cortes.

Evelin Johana and Cristian Ubese will join Marguri Lizet, 8th grade, Marvin Ovidio and Cinthia Yosseline, 9th grade, and Jose Daniel 10th grade; CAFE Scholarship Program recipients. Best wishes for the new students and a successful school year for everyone.

Agriculture Class

Planting grounds of the agriculture class at the Escuela Agricola Virgen de suyapa in El Peru, El Merendón.


Escuela Agrícola Virgen de Suyapa of  El Perú, El Merendón, Cortes


La Escuela Agrícola Virgen de Suyapa of El Peru was opened in 2005 by the Social Pastoral Services of the Parish San Vicente de Paul in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to provide education beyond sixth grade to children of families living in the communities of El Merendón Cortes.


The school provides education for approximately 25 students per year in grades 7th, 8th, and 9th.  The teaching and administrative body consists of two teachers.  Each grade receives two full days of class a week.  During each school year, the students receive classes in Mathematics, Natural Science, Spanish, English, Social Studies, Computer Technology, and Agriculture.


The school serves more than the nine communities in El Merendón and is financed by the Parish San Vicente de Paul in San Pedro Sula, as well as families who pay registration and tuition fees for the education of their children.


The opening of the Escuela Agricola Virgen de Suyapa of El Peru has allowed many students whom otherwise would not have the means to travel to the middle school located in the city of San Pedro Sula to continue their education beyond sixth grade without having to leave their communities in El Merendón.




The Neil Armstrong Middle School student council has been supporting Honduran scholarship recipients since 2009 through sales of El Merendón Coffee.  In the summer of 2011, teacher Lisa Machado was able to visit Honduras and travel to the schools in El Merendón Mountains where she met 4 scholarship recipients.  Ms. Machado accompanied the students on their orientation to what is the equivalent of an American high school in the community of Suyapita.  She was able to see first-hand how the scholarship monies are being used to provide a comprehensive education to the scholarship recipients.  Ms. Machado spent the day speaking with the students about their future plans and how the scholarships have impacted their lives and those of their families and communities.